//About Us

Google is the leader in the Digital Economy and we created Dooing Digital to work with you creating and executing your digital roadmap.

Dooing Digital designs, operate and support with you the cloud that suite your needs, your Google Cloud.

Almost 30 years ago, the world of businesses was very different.

For the partners who created Dooing Digital, our dream at that moment was to transform the companies, standardize and automate business processes and exchange information with known value chain actors.

Today things have changed a lot and collaboration is the most important part of the business, even with unknown actors. Infrastructure, systems, and other tools are only pieces of a platform that foster innovation and not a differentiator itself. In this era, the differentiation will be led by data, processing capabilities of that data to generate information, and agile collaboration with the whole ecosystem to continually reinvent yourself and avoid disruption, this is known also as Digital Economy.

In between that two moments mentioned before, a lot of incremental changes occur and organizations sometimes embrace those changes and on other occasions, they decided not to do it o simply because they can’t.  This generates complexity in the market with different technology maturity levels, different needs, and results.

Our dream today is to be able to help all organizations to protect their current investment as much as possible and at the same time be in the Digital Economy using the latest Google technologies, focusing your effort on innovative Google solutions, and our services.