SAP on Google Cloud is the right choice for manufacturers

Cloud capability is important for manufacturers in lowering operational costs, accomplishing sustainability goals, and enabling new digital use cases. Google Cloud can help deliver all of those objectives.

Hosting SAP on Google Cloud can reduce IT infrastructure costs by over 30%, while also improving the efficiency of IT teams by 56%

Google Cloud’s cost-effective infrastructure and reliable performance means that Google’s average cloud operating cost to run SAP workloads is 46% less than competing cloud solutions.

Google Cloud today runs on 100% sustainable energy and aims to run every cloud workload on carbon-free energy by 2030


Google Cloud is ideally suited for cloud hosting of SAP and other manufacturing applications due to its expansive network, native SAP integrations, and ease of data transfer and migration. Google Cloud’s global fiber is a world-scale private network and ensures low-latency and reliable connections between manufacturing facilities and the cloud. Near zero planned downtime of SAP workloads with Google Cloud Live Migration keeps virtual machines running through planned hypervisor or hardware updates.

Digital manufacturers are seeing bottom and top-line impacts by implementing new digital use cases. Google Cloud has developed tools and templates to help accelerate this adoption. Google Cloud has pre-built ML algorithms to help tackle visual analytics and predictive use cases.

Google Cloud has a comprehensive suite of applications for data integration, storage, visualization, query, analytics (including AI and ML), and security. These solutions also include edge components and connections alongside the core cloud applications, which are very important for manufacturing operations.

Google puts cloud and cloud security at the center of its strategy. According to The Forrester Wave™, capabilities from Google Cloud Platform, G Suite, Cloud Security Command Center, G Suite Security Center, BeyondCorp, and more are a part of Google’s overall portfolio.

How SAP on Google Cloud can help manufacturers?

For manufacturers that run SAP, Google Cloud is ideally suited for cloud hosting of manufacturing applications. Google Cloud makes SAP deployments easy and offers a suite of applications to integrate with and enhance SAP functionality. By integrating SAP on Google Cloud, manufacturers can take advantage of Google Cloud’s extensive data management, AI and ML analytics, and hybrid/multi-cloud capabilities.

They can also benefit from:

  • Ease of migration

    SAP deployments and migrations can be complex, and Google Cloud offers the tools and services to help simplify and streamline the process. Google Cloud offers industry-leading security capabilities with migration options for high availability – leading to a secure migration experience. Additionally, automated templates can be used to deploy applications faster, consolidate SAP data within the cloud, and begin drawing on AI and ML powered insights. The Cloud Acceleration Program from Google Cloud takes full advantage of Google Cloud’s network of partners and uses pre-built migration solutions and applications. These offer the risk mitigation and operational efficiency strategies needed to transition to the cloud.

  • Data management and storage

    Running SAP on Google Cloud’s platform allows manufacturers to take advantage of cloud-hosted data storage capabilities without incurring significant operating costs. Google Cloud connects data hosted in a variety of locations across a global network, allowing manufacturers to gain insight from historic data, production data, quality data, and key SAP business data. Traditionally hard to access SAP data can be retrieved and utilized with ease through Google Cloud storage capabilities and streamlined access through API calls.

  • Hybrid/multi-cloud capabilities

    Google Cloud has the advantage of being able to integrate with legacy, on-premises systems and other cloud platforms. Google Cloud’s hybrid and multi-cloud capabilities allow manufacturing companies to bring together the strengths of multiple cloud platforms, on-premises solutions, legacy providers, and a diversity of hardware. Once SAP on Google Cloud is integrated, manufacturers can take advantage of Google’s secure public cloud, encouraging open source innovation with limited long-term risk.

  • External data sources

    Once an SAP on Cloud foundation is established, Google Cloud’s toolkit enables manufacturers to begin building their digital factory. With an established SAP on Google Cloud solution, manufacturers realize value throughout the supply chain, from planning through production to customer satisfaction. Manufacturers can leverage Google Cloud’s extensive data signals from various Google portfolio tools, such as Web search data, weather, maps, shopping, and more. Combined with valuable customer and industry data from outside the enterprise and their SAP system, they can drive insight into production planning, customer needs, and other business processes.

  • Data analytics capabilities

    Industry leaders are taking advantage of increased amounts of data collected through the consolidation of production data and SAP business data. Google Cloud’s simplified capabilities allow business leaders to rapidly make effective data-driven decisions. Google Cloud’s query performance allows for insights across previously siloed business units. Enhanced processing speeds combined with Google Cloud’s AI and ML capabilities enable insights to be obtained at a rapid pace. Google Cloud’s AI and ML capabilities can also leverage data from SAP systems and enhance them using its extensive application suite, making the system and the business more intelligent.