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Application migration

Migrating applications to the cloud helps your customers avoid expensive refresh cycles. Use discovery and assessment tools to understand the cost benefit of moving to the cloud, then execute using our portfolio of migration solutions. To learn more about Application migration, explore.

SAP on Google Cloud

GCP’s offering for SAP customers focuses on ERP and Analytics workloads. We delivery agility and flexibility on a 100% VM-based infrastructure, reduced downtime, enhanced security plus innovation in the areas of Analytics, AI and ML.

Application migration

Migrating applications to the cloud helps your customers avoid expensive refresh cycles. Use discovery and assessment tools to understand the cost benefit of moving to the cloud, then execute using our portfolio of migration solutions.

Google Cloud VMware Engine


Easily lift and shift your VMware-based applications to Google Cloud without changes to your apps, tools, or processes. Includes all the hardware and VMware licenses to run in a dedicated VMware SDDC in Google Cloud. 


Why use Google Cloud VMWare Engine?


Google Cloud VMware Engine helps simplify your migration to Google Cloud. In a recent survey by IDC, they found that 78% of businesses realize payback in one year or less after they migrate.


  • Fully integrated VMware experience

    • Unlike other solutions, we simplify the use of VMware services and tools with unified identities, management, support, and monitoring while providing all the licenses, cloud services, and billing you need.

  • Fast provisioning and scale

    • Take advantage of the elasticity and scale of the cloud—through fast provisioning, you can spin up a new private cloud in about 30 minutes with dynamic resource management and auto scaling.

  • Use familiar third-party apps in the cloud

    • Continue to use your core enterprise apps in the cloud, without changes.  Google Cloud VMware Engine integrates with leading database, storage, disaster recovery, and backup ISV solutions.

  • Fast networking and high availability

    • VMware Engine is built on Google Cloud’s highly performant, scalable infrastructure with fully redundant and dedicated 100 Gbps networking, providing 99.99% availability to meet the needs of your most demanding enterprise workloads.

  • Integrated Google Cloud experience

    • Benefit from full access to innovative Google Cloud services.  Native VPC networking gives you private layer-3 access between VMware environments and Google Cloud services, allowing you to use standard access mechanisms such as Cloud VPN or Interconnect. Billing, identity, and access control integrate to unify the experience with other Google Cloud services.

  • Robust VMware ecosystem solutions

    • Continue to leverage IT management tools and third-party services consistent with your on-premises environment. We’re partnering closely with leading storage, backup, and disaster recovery providers such as NetApp, Actifio, Veeam, Zerto, Cohesity, and Dell Technologies to ease the migration journey; and enable business continuity.

  • Familiar VMware tools and Google Cloud’s operations suite

    • It’s easy to move with the same VMware tools, processes, and policies you use to manage your on-premises VMware workloads. Use Google Cloud’s operations suite to monitor, troubleshoot, and improve application performance on your Google Cloud environment.    


Migrate for Compute Engine


Fast, flexible, and safe migration to Google Cloud with Migrate for Compute Engine.


Why use Migrate for Compute Engine?


  • Frictionless, enterprise-grade migration for any business

    • Cloud migration creates a lot of questions. Migrate for Compute Engine by Google Cloud has the answers. Whether you’re looking to migrate one application from on-premises or one thousand enterprise-grade applications across multiple data centers, Migrate for Compute Engine gives any IT team, large or small, the power to migrate their workloads to Google Cloud.

  • Fast, efficient migrations

    • With Migrate for Compute Engine’s simple “as a service” interface within Cloud Console and flexible migration options, it’s easy for anyone to reduce the time and toil that typically goes into a migration. Avoid complex deployments, setup, and configurations. Eliminate confusing and troublesome client-side migration tool agents. By using the right migration tool, you can save your migration team’s valuable time for what matters most: migrating workloads. 

  • Simplicity at scale

    • Take advantage of Migrate for Compute Engine’s speed, scale, and flexibility to accelerate your migration program. Migrate a single app with a few clicks, execute a migration sprint with 100 systems using groups, or use our Cloud API to build your in-house migration factory. With Migrate for Compute Engine, you are empowered to customize your migration in whatever way that is best for you.

  • Minimal downtime and risk

    • Built-in testing makes it fast and easy to validate before you migrate. No client-side software agents means no impact on the resources needed by the workload itself, no need to open access to or from the network where the workload is running, and the ability to complete your migration without the source systems running at all. And periodically replicating data from the source workload to the destination without manual steps or interruptions to the running workload minimizes workload downtime and enables fast cutover to the cloud.

  • Lower cost, higher staff productivity

    • Migrate for Compute Engine’s as-a-service offering helps reduce migration labor and complexity. By leveraging speed and simplicity, you can eliminate costly on-premises hardware and software licenses. Plus, Migrate for Compute Engine provides usage-driven analytics to help you rightsize destination instances and avoid cloud over-provisioning.

  • Advanced replication technology

    • Migrate for Compute Engine’s advanced replication migration technology copies instance data to Google Cloud in the background with no interruptions to the source workload that’s running.

  • As a service

    • Provision cloud instances directly from Migrate for Compute Engine, including support for customizations to networking, encrypted disks, and more. 

  • Destination flexibility

    • Migrate to flexible cloud targets (projects, instance types, etc.) directly from Migrate for Compute Engine, including support for customizations to networking, disks, and more.

  • Pre-migration validation and testing

    • Pre-migration validation via Migrate for Compute Engine’s test-clone capability, which allows non-disruptive testing of production workloads and data directly in the cloud, within an isolated environment that has zero impact on production or live systems.

  • Migration groups

    • Plan and execute migration waves within Google Cloud Console using VM groups. Group VMs based on your needs (examples: application types, workload ownership, etc.) which enables you to run one-click group migration. In addition, you can have the flexibility to execute migration operations on specific VMs within the group (e.g. test-clone a set of VMs from a group).

  • Automatic and seamless adaptations

    • Automatic and seamless adaptations for cloud, including driver/agent installations, networking, licensing, and more. No required manual changes to the applications, images, networks, storage, or drivers are required when migrating popular operating systems and versions.

  • On-premises utilization reports

    • Easily plan your destination instance sizes with help from built-in on-premises utilization reports, so as to avoid accidental cloud overprovisioning.

  • Programmable migrations

    • Programmable operations with Cloud API enable automation of the migration flow using the orchestration/automation tools of your choice.


Migrate for Anthos and GKE


Intelligently extract, migrate, and modernize applications to run natively on containers in GKE and Anthos clusters.


Why use Migrate for Anthos and GKE?


  • Making modernization easy

    • Migrate for Anthos and GKE makes it fast and easy to modernize traditional applications away from virtual machines and into native containers. Our unique automated approach extracts the critical application elements from the VM so you can easily insert those elements into containers in Google Kubernetes Engine or Anthos clusters without the VM layers (like Guest OS) that become unnecessary with containers.

    • This significantly reduces the cost and labor that would be required for a manual application modernization project. Upon completion, it also empowers your teams to deploy, operate, and maintain existing applications more efficiently and cost effectively, using the same services, policies, and methodologies of a modern platform. 

  • Craft your ideal migration journey

    • Most digital transformations will be a mix of strategies. For the workloads that will benefit from containers, Migrate for Anthos and GKE delivers a fast, smooth path to modernization. For other workloads that are better suited as a VM, simply move them as is with Migrate for Compute Engine and leverage VPC network integration with GKE. Don’t settle for being locked into existing infrastructure or one migration path. With Google, run your workloads how you want, where you want.

  • Upgrade to containers with ease

    • Some workloads are simply written off by IT as being “unable to upgrade.” But Migrate for Anthos and GKE strips away layers of manual effort, making migration and modernization a possibility for those workloads, even with small IT teams. Automate the extraction of existing applications from servers and VMs so they can run natively in containers, without having to rewrite or re-architect apps. This helps you eliminate complexity and knowledge gaps that have previously held businesses back from being able to upgrade to containers.

  • Capitalize on the benefits of modernization faster

    • Accelerating the migration and adoption of the modern platform enables the business to operate more efficiently with unified policy, management, and skill sets across existing and newly developed apps. It also enables you to unlock additional funding for more modernization and new app development by being able to reallocate budget that was previously required to keep legacy environments up.

  • Accelerate adoption of day-two operations

    • For day-two operations, save on labor and costs associated with maintaining, patching, and updating VMs and physical servers by switching to modern CI/CD pipelines, image-based management, and desired-state configuration. Easily modernize IT landscapes by accelerating the adoption of modern services such as Anthos Service Mesh, Anthos Config Management, role based access control (RBAC), Cloud Logging, and more. Thereby unifying your policy enforcement and management practices across both migrated and newly developed applications.

SAP on Google Cloud


GCP’s offering for SAP customers focuses on ERP and Analytics workloads. We delivery agility and flexibility on a 100% VM-based infrastructure, reduced downtime, enhanced security plus innovation in the areas of Analytics, AI and ML.


Why migrating SAP to GCP?


SAP on Google Cloud delivers on the opportunities of the cloud—giving enterprises the infrastructure, analytics, and expertise to get lasting value from their SAP investments. Only Google Cloud delivers an enterprise-grade cloud platform for SAP that is up to 30% lower cost than alternatives.

Based on two studies made by Forrester and IDC in 2020, there are major benefits to companies that have made the move to Google Cloud:

  • Direct cost savings. The companies interviewed reported average savings of more than $3 million a year, including eliminated hardware purchases, right-sized software licensing, staffing efficiencies, and other operational cost savings.

  • Dramatically improved uptime. Customers told Forrester that migrating SAP to Google Cloud pretty much eliminates downtime—planned or unplanned—as a significant IT concern. According to Forrester, companies realized an average of $1.5 million in savings per year by avoiding the revenue and user productivity losses that had once been a fact of life for their IT teams.

  • Significant efficiency gains. Because Google Cloud works to mitigate performance bottlenecks, infrastructure mishaps, network delays and more, the companies Forrester interviewed reported a yearly average of $500,000 in productivity gains for SAP business users and frontline workers.

  • Cutting infrastructure costs. According to IDC, customers running SAP on Google Cloud spent 31% less on infrastructure each year. The ability to scale SAP environments dynamically and to keep them right-sized was a major factor; so were the advantages of automated infrastructure monitoring and savings on software licenses once these companies could stop overprovisioning.

  • Giving a team better things to do. IDC found that the infrastructure, database, and security teams of the companies they interviewed reduced the time they need to maintain and manage SAP environments by an average of 66% per year, giving their staff both the time and the expertise to focus on far more valuable activities.

  • Making users more productive. The companies interview by IDC reduced the time required to deploy new SAP compute and storage resources from an average of 8.8 days to 1 hour.

Hundreds of enterprises have adopted Google Cloud for SAP including SAP themselves. Google Cloud provides ~100 regulatory certifications, mission critical support, and provides enterprise capabilities, such as minimized downtime through live migration, the ability to scale as needed, true pay-per-use pricing, and high performance between regions and <1 ms response time with our Google-owned network.


SAP on Google Cloud is uniquely differentiated for our customers


  • Secure Global Network.

    • Google Cloud provides a premium global network and a global VPC.

    • Google Cloud provides encryption in transit and at rest by default.

    • Industry leading security and compliance for stringent data and security regulations.

  • Resilient Infrastructure.

    • Compute Engine solutions for scale and growth to meet SAP customer needs—regardless of workload.

    • Google Cloud provides Live migration to reduce infrastructure downtime.

    • Resiliency built-in with Automatic Restarts.

  • Leading Innovation.

    • Innovate and scale with serverless data platforms like BigQuery with built-in ML.

    • Easily integrate AI/ML building blocks like vision, translation, and text-to-speech.

    • Extend SAP with Google datasets and API management.